Program Registration

Our online registration site is up and running. Check it out today. (CLICK IMAGE)

PLEASE NOTE: Regarding  our new registration portal, you CAN NOT set-up your account using your phone. You need to use a tablet, laptop or desktop computer. Once your account is set up you can use your phone to register and or access the site. Thank you.


This Web site is designed to give parents and children an overview of all the programs being offered by the Caribou Parks and Recreation Department.

The Caribou Parks and Recreation Department is encouraging parents of children diagnosed with ADD to enroll in a select offering of summer recreation programs to insure each child gets the full benefit from the program. Parents or guardians will be required to attend each session with their child.

The primary job of recreation program personnel is to teach instructional programming to children. Although administering discipline to children is part of a group instructional setting, it should not consume the instructors time, nor diminish the amount of instruction provided to the group. Any child found to be continually disruptive may be asked to leave the program. Parents present at programs are encouraged to discipline their children or remove their children if they feel this action is in the best interest of all concerned.

Also please note that we have a incorporated the following rules and regulations policy for all youths that participate in our programs and/or visit our facility. Please review these rules with your child and return the signed acknowledgement page prior to utilizing our facility. Here is the link to the page: 2022 Rules and Regulations Governing CPRD

For additional information on recreation programs, please call the Caribou Parks and Recreation Department at (207) 493-4224.


GENERAL  All registrations both residents and non-resident can be done on our new online registration portal at

RESIDENTS  Residency is defined as those either living in Caribou and/or paying real estate taxes in Caribou.

NON RESIDENTS  All programs sponsored by the Caribou Parks and Recreation Department are subject to a non-resident fee.

$20.00 per child per program

$40.00 per child, per program


If a program is cancelled due to lack of registration, payment will be refunded. NO REFUNDS WITHIN 48 HOURS OF A SCHEDULE TRIP/PROGRAM. There will be a 50% penalty on payments within two-weeks of the schedule trip/program.

* PLEASE NOTE:  These fees do not pertain to Caribou Rec Outdoor Camps (C.R.O.C) nor specialty programs.